About Me

BAFTA and Presagis award winner.

Much of my career has been spent generating and subsequently overseeing games art. Early on I cut my teeth pixel pushing (the Zen art of tiny 2D) working at Rebellion. It was there that I spent long loving hours zooming in and out of an (x) by (x) image, endlessly moving pixels back and forth to arrive at the perfect anti-aliasing.

After that I then decided to learn 3D to facilitate faster 2D generation. But once I’d learned 3D that was that really and it was a whole new world of possibilities. Since then I’ve worked on AAA games, MMO’s and Serious Games. When it comes to making models I love dirty, rusty beaten up things!!

I graduated from Reading University with a BA in Fine Art and from Liverpool John Moores University with an MA in Digital Games. I frequently think about doing a PHD and fantasize that one day I might just become a Blacksmith instead (a slightly out of shape one).

Seriously, I love what I do and want to keep on doing it. If you’d like to chat about digital art and how I might be able to help you with your current project, please get in touch.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


EMAIL ME: iain.3d@gmail.com