Previous Projects

IOS puzzle game in Unity

Web puzzle game in Unity

Lead Artist: Managed Artists, created skyboxes, created lighting, built scenes, fixed assets.

GRiD on Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 

Environment Artist: Detroit and demolition derby tracks. GRiD won a BAFTA. Fixed and created assets, populated track, layed decals, managed outsourcers.

DiRT on Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3

Environment Artist: Kielder Tracks. Made groundcover, fixed and created 3d assets, populated track, layed decals, managed outsourcers.

Operation Flashpoint 2 Dragon Rising

Vehicle Artist: I prototyped vehicles including this Blackhawk

Dark Times (canned MMO) web using jmonkeyengine

Senior Artist: This was a very exciting project, we were making an MMO card game, as you progressed through the game, your characters story would unfold according to how you and your opponent played your hands. At the end of each game each player would have been able to print a comic/graphic novel of their game. I worked with a coder to generate a tool that would take 3D models and render them in-game in a graphic novel style. As an artist the tool allowed me to create brushes to replicate art techniques

ACT for 3 channel simulator using Vega Prime

Lead Artist: Managed internal and external artists. Created two 3D environments, ten static fully explorable levels, detailed right down to fixtures and fittings. This project won 2 awards

A fly through of one of the environment stages

Air Force Base

Lead Artist: The company (Presagis) who’s software we used for the ACT project above, were impressed by our quality of work. They commissioned a massive demonstration piece to showcase their software.

Stadium Explorer in Unity

Lead Artist: Built and populated Brighton and Hove & Rotherham Stadium, creating a tool for the owners to sell tickets.

Exemplar in Unity

Lead Artist: This was a project for East Sussex County Council. It is a stereoscopic teaching aid built in Unity and was rolled out across colleges throughout East Sussex.

Wearmouth Jarrow Monastery web delivered in Unity

Lead Artist: For this Unity web project we had to delve into big thick archaeological tomes to garner as much information about what the twin monastery would have looked like around AD670. I built models, created scenes, set lighting, managed project.

Judge Dredd Cityquake and Cityquake Adventure on WAP

Airlock and Airlock 2 on WAP

Smugglers Run on Gameboy Advance

Tiger Woods PGA Tour on Gameboy Advance